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February 13, 2017 Village Board Minutes

February 13, 2017

The regular meeting of the Albany Village Board was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by President Kim Blumer in the Albany Village Hall. Members present were: Blumer, Virginia Detra, Nathan Ramsay, Peggy Boeck, Stephen Hubert, and Tonya Stephan. Also present were: Terry Gould, Chris Lange, Lonnie Gill, Bob Ritter, Dave King, Laurel Hefty, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Knox, Lori Modaff, and Deanna Hubert.

The Pledge of Allegiance was shared.

Proof of posting was verified.

AGENDA: Motion by Ramsay, seconded by Detra to approve the agenda as posted. Carried.

MINUTES: Motion by Ramsay, seconded by Detra to approve the minutes of the January 9, 2017 meeting as printed. Carried.

PRESIDENT’S MOMENT: Nothing at this time.

PUBLIC APPEARANCES: Terry Gould asked if there is something that can be done about the dog waste downtown. He and his wife were walking by the Overlook Park and there are several places that have dog waste on the sidewalk and grass. Also, the back alley is full of waste. Ritter will have his officers watch people who are walking their dogs in the area. Discussion changed to the possibility of getting bags and a receptacle so owners can pick it up. Composting was also discussed.
Lori Modaff asked to speak regarding getting some signage in the village showing people where the school gymnasium is located. She is hoping that several could help with the costs so that it wouldn’t be one big bill for any one. The village’s street committee will look further into this and report back at the next board meeting.

ATKINSON ACRES REQUEST: Keepers explained that Atkinson Acres, LLC.is requesting permission from the village to be able to combine the following parcels into one parcel: 23-101: 226.0, 227.0, 228.0, 234.0, 235.0, 236.0, 250.0, 251.0, 252.0. Detra stated that all of the family was in agreement. Motion by Stephan, seconded by Ramsay to approve this request. Carried.

TOURISM GUIDE: Keepers explained that the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce is no longer going to pay for half of the cost of the Albany section in the Tourism magazine. The total cost is $1,000, but they print out 52,000 that are given/sent out to many places and put a real nice article and pictures in it. Motion by Blumer, seconded by Boeck to pay the $1,000 for the renewal of the article to the Green County Tourism. Carried.

PARKING RECOMMENDATIONS: Detra reported some of the thoughts that came from the meeting of property/business owners regarding the parking issues in the downtown area. Most attended the meeting, and were actually split in their thoughts. They are upset with the board not making a decision on this. Some businesses offered to help with some costs of adding parking on North Water Street across from the library. Several options were discussed. Motion by Detra, seconded by Boeck to have the Street and Utility Committee make decisions and make recommendations to the board at their next meeting. Carried.

ORDINANCE 17-01: Discussion was held on Ordinance 17-01 regarding the Police Discipline Committee formation. Boeck had several questions. Motion was made by Blumer, seconded by Detra to adopt Ordinance 17-01 creating Village of Albany Ordinance Sec. 16-8, entitled Police Discipline Committee. No – Boeck. Motion carried.

COMMITTEE AND COMMISSION REPORTS: The following committee and commission reports were placed on file:

Personnel 1-23-17 Police, Fire, License 1-24-17 Street and Utility 2-06-17

MEETING WITH FIRE DISTRICT: Stephan reported on some of the things discussed at the Police and Fire Committee with the representatives from neighboring towns and cities. She felt that it was very informative and a lot of positive comments came from it. It was reported that several departments are hiring a part time chief or director to keep up with all of the paperwork that is necessary. The Brodhead Fire Department has offered to work with us to get things organized and going. The Town of Albany stated that they don’t have the money in this year’s budget. Stephan also stated that the EMS has hired a part time director, and has found that since he has started, he is able to do more promoting to get more members. Gould mentioned that there are grant writing classes out there that may be beneficial for someone, and possibly they could even work on grants for the fire department, EMS, and village. Ramsay feels that the safety of our residents is at risk without more members available. Motion by Ramsay, seconded by Boeck to have the Police and Fire Committee meet with the townships again and pursue hiring a part time director. Carried.

OPERATOR’S LICENSE: It was found that some of the questions may have not been answered correctly on the application. Therefore, a motion was made by Detra and seconded by Ramsay to deny and operator’s license to Chris Cornwell at this time. Carried.

FINAL PAYMENT TO McGUIRE: Motion by Ramsay, seconded by Stephan to pay the final payment of $37,489.08 to McGuire. Carried.

2017 EQUPMENT COSTS: Motion by Ramsay, seconded by Blumer to accept the 2017 Equipment costs as written. Carried.

TRAINING: Motion by Ramsay, seconded by Boeck to send Lonnie Gill to the WRWA Technical Conference in LaCrosse on March 28-31 for a total cost of $657.22. Carried.

Motion by Ramsay, seconded by Boeck to send Dan Blumer to the Government Affairs class in Madison on February 23rd for a total cost of $75.00. Carried.

Motion by Ramsay, seconded by Boeck to send Ricky DeNure to the DNR class on planting/pruning/selection of trees for parks in Gays Mills on March 7 for a total cost of $43.00. Carried.

BILLS: Motion by Stephan, seconded by Ramsay to approve the bills as presented. Carried.

FUTURE ITEMS: Stephan reported that she and Fire Chief Mueller met with the director from Riverview Apartments to discuss an exit plan and fire plan for the residents.

Stephan questioned if Porta Potties could be purchased for Bowman Park. It was suggested to recommend to the S&B Tubing to rent some to be placed on their property for the summer months.
Boeck questioned if the village board could change their meeting night, as it is the same night as the school board and people cannot attend both meetings if they need to. No action taken.

ADJOURN: Motion by Boeck, seconded by Hubert to adjourn. Carried.
7:55 p.m.


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