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January 9, 2017 Village Board Minutes

January 9, 2017

The regular meeting of the Albany Village Board was called to order at 6:52 p.m. in the Albany Village Hall by Clerk Laurie Keepers in the absence of President Kim Blumer. Keepers asked for a motion to have someone to chair the meeting. Motion by Detra, seconded by Stephan to nominate Nathan Ramsay. Carried. Members present were: Ramsay, Virginia Detra, Tonya Stephan, Stephen Hubert, and Peggy Boeck.

Absent: Kim Blumer and Eileen Althaus. Also present were: Bob Ritter, Lonnie Gill, John Briggs, Terry and Suzi Gould, Michelle Monson, Ron Keepers, Tom Wright, Emily Malin, and Allison Phillips.

The Pledge of Allegiance was shared.

Proof of posting was verified.

AGENDA: Motion by Boeck, seconded by Stephan to approve the agenda as posted. Carried.

MINUTES: Motion by Detra, seconded by Stephan to approve the minutes of the previous meetings on 12-12-16 and 12-27-16 as printed. Carried

PRESIDENT’S MOMENT: Nothing at this moment.


LIBRARY BOARD APPOINTMENT: Motion by Stephan, seconded by Boeck to appoint Roald Henderson to the Albany Library Board. Carried.

COMMITTEE AND COMMISSION REPORTS: The following committee and commission report was read and filed:
Plans Commission 1-5-17

DOWNTOWN PARKING: Discussion was held on the issue of parking in the downtown area. Allison Phillips feels that we not only need to worry about the downtown area. We should also be concerned about residential areas. Some discussion was held on the parking issues, but no action taken.

DOWNTOWN BUSINESSES: Keepers explained what she had found out from the building inspector on the overnight stay businesses downtown. The inspector suggests that we bring our attorney into this and give him the information to make sure we are following the right path. Motion by Ramsay, seconded by Detra to update the attorney and have him check into the legalities regarding the overnight businesses. Carried.

BILLS: Motion by Detra, seconded by Boeck to approve the bills as presented. Carried.


ADJOURNMENT: Motion by Boeck, seconded by Detra to adjourn. Carried.
7:29 p.m.

Village of Albany


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