Public Works

Lonnie Gill, Public Works Superintendant
Ricky DeNure, Public Works
Dan Blumer, Public Works
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (608) 862-3246
Emergencies after 4 p.m.: (608) 558-2129

BILLING INFORMATION:  Water/sewer bills are sent out quarterly, the first notice is sent on the first of the month in January, April, July and October; a second late notice is sent if the bill is NOT paid by the 20th of that month; if the bill is STILL outstanding two weeks after the late notice is sent, a third notice is sent which is the "Disconnection Notice."  If you have not made arrangements once you receive the disconnect notice, your water service will be shut off and you will need to make either half or full payment, plus the re-connection fee, in order to restore your service.    

NEWS:  At some point, the second “late” notice will be eliminated in order to help the effectiveness of our billing period. This means you will receive the original bill at the first of the month in January, April, July and October and if the bill has not been paid by the 20th, you will automatically receive a disconnection notice…so PLEASE be aware that you will no longer receive a late notice as a reminder you have a bill still due.

Thank you for your cooperation. 


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