Recycling Center


Wednesdays: 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Saturdays:  8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


ALUMINUM: Beverage cans made of aluminum. NO pie pans or foil. Screen frames and Lawn chairs in Metal Dumpster. Rinse Clean and Flatten.

GLASS: Clear, Green or Brown, windows, canning jars, Pyrex, and ceramic. NO mirrors or light bulbs. Rinse Clean, remove lids and all metal parts. Labels may be left on.

: Only tin food cans. Gas cans, paint cans, fuel oil cans, or license plates go in the metal dumpster with a fee. NO Batteries, foil, or aerosol cans – these go in designated bag. Rinse Clean, remove labels, cut off ends, and flatten.

PLASTIC: All Plastics are being accepted. Includes #1-7. Such as: Milk Jugs, Pop Bottles, Laundry Detergent Bottles, Cottage Cheese/Margarine Containers, and Ice Cream Bucket with metal handles removed. NO: Plastic wrap, bags, hand cream tubes, flower planters, Styrofoam or cups and containers, deodorant containers, or Air Fresheners – place in designated bag. Rinse Clean, flatten. Remove all metal parts and caps on plastic bottles need to be removed and placed in designated bags.

NEWSPAPER AND OFFICE PAPER: Remove all inside flyers. Must be bundled or in a paper bag and placed in proper steel crate.

JUNK MAIL AND MAGAZINES: Junk Mail and Phone Books placed loose in proper crate.

CARDBOARD: Corrugated cardboard and other containerboard. NO waxy covered cardboard. Must be flattened and placed in proper steel crate.

: NO Gasoline, or Cleaning Solvents of any kind. Place in proper container.

BATTERIES: Large volt batteries, Motor Cycle, Car and Truck Batteries are accepted and should be placed in appropriate container.

ANTI-FREEZE: NO Gasoline or Cleaning Solvents. Place in appropriate container. $1.00/gallon


METAL ITEMS: The following payment is required for metal items:

Freon: $24.00
Other Metal Items: $2-$20 (as decided by attendant)


Tires on Rims: $6.00+
Car and LT Truck: $5.00
Large Truck: $12.00
Small Implement: $5.00
Large Implement: $6.00
Tractor Rear: $20.00
Commercial (per ton): $300.00


There are two sizes of Garbage Bags available for purchase to put all non-recyclable items and rubbish in before disposing of in a dumpster at the Recycling Center. They are:

20 Gallon Size for $2.00 each
30 Gallon Size for $3.00 each

Available for purchase at the Recycling Center during open hours. The Village has a designated YELLOW bag and the Township has a designated GREEN bag. The Village Bags can also be purchased at the Albany Village Hall.

ELECTRONICS: The Recycle Center can no longer accept electronic equipment.  Twice a year we will try to continue to hold a special Electronics Recycling Day; however, if we do not schedule an Electronics Recycling Day, you can take your electronics to the Green County Landfill during their open hours, there is a charge for and is currently at the rate of  $.30 per pound.


Carpet:  $4.00 (and up as decided by attendant)
Area Rug: $3.00
Chair:  Stuffed: $6.00     Wooden: $3.00     Recliner: $6.00
Love Seat: $6.00
Mattress:  Twin/Double: $5.00     Queen/King: $10.00
Sofa: $6.00


a. Open burning prohibited. No person, firm or corporation shall build any outdoor fire within the corporate limits of the Village of Albany excepting as set forth in Subsection B. This prohibition on burning includes burning of construction waste and debris at construction sites. b. EXCEPTIONS: (1) Burning of small amounts of dry combustible rubbish (not to include wet combustible rubbish, garbage, oily substances, asphalt, plastic or rubber products) on single family residence lots during the hours of 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. M-F / 6 a.m.-1 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. No flame or smoke is allowed after 6 p.m. Burning of nonoffensive materials in a wire refuse burner, basket or metal enclosure with a cover attached to prevent the escape of sparks and burning materials, located a minimum of 25’ from a building; only one burner is permitted per lot. (2) Controlled burning of small amounts of dry leaves and dry plant clippings; burning of dry trees, wood, brush or demolition materials (excluding asphaltic or rubber materials) by such methods as approved by the DNR; (3) Fires set for practice and instruction of firemen or testing of fire-fighting equipment; or (4) Backfires to control forest fires or fires set for forest or wildlife habitat management with approval of the DNR where no reasonable alternative is available.


PLEASE DO NOT PUT THE FOLLOWING ITEMS IN THE SCRAP METAL DUMPSTER: Aerosol Cans, Ballast, Non PCB Ballast, Barrels/Drums, Batteries, Capacitors, Non PCB Capacitors, Closed Containers of any kind, Combustibles, Computer Monitors, Key Boards, Television Sets, Microwaves, Drums, Freon, Freon Tanks without holes in them, Gas Tanks/Cans, hazardous Waste, Lead, Mercury, Mercury Switches, Non-metallic Material, Oil, Radioactive Material, Smoke Alarms, and Paint Cans with paint in them.


Please call the Albany Village Hall at 862-3240 M-F from 8:00-4:30.
You may also call the Recycling Center during open times at 862-3366.

ANY PERSON WHO VIOLATES VILLAGE ORDINANCE 8-3-1(n): Prohibitions on Disposal of Recyclable Materials Separated for Recycling WILL BE SUBJECT TO A FINE NO LESS THAN $50 AND NOT MORE THAN $2,000.


E-Waste Rules

Electronic Recycling May 12, 2012 Brochure

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a reminder for all of the residents who recycle at the Joint Recycling Center.  We have been having some problems with residents forgetting to remove the paper from the tin cans and to remove the caps from the plastic bottles.  The arrangements that we have to recycle these products will no longer accept our items if they are not properly prepared.  All tin cans are to be washed and have the outside paper removed.  If possible, it is also asked that both ends of the can be removed and the can flattened.  As for the plastic bottles, the caps and rings around the caps are made of a different plastic that is not recyclable.  They need to be removed before recycling.  The lids can just be thrown into a yellow or green bag.  We have also been informed that rechargeable batteries are no longer to be thrown into the yellow/green bags.  Please keep them separately and put in the proper bin at the recycling center.  We thank you for all of your cooperation and assistance at the recycling center.  It is because of you that this is such a successful program.  If you have any further questions, please call the Albany Village Hall at 862-3240.