Comprehensive Plan

Village of Albany Year 2030 Comprehensive Plan
Goals and Objectives


All goals and objectives have been approved by the Plan Commission. Items that were also in the 1997 plan are indicated.

Village of Albany 2030 Vision
 The Village of Albany envisions itself as retaining its small town qualities of living, natural beauty, and improving its economy to maintain a viable community. (A)


Issues and Opportunities 
Goal: To accommodate development of the village in an orderly manner which is fiscally sound and attractive; which advances the village economy; and which will result in the least possible environmental impact. (A)

Goal: Provide adequate, attractive, and affordable housing of reasonable quality for all residents that is compatible with both the capabilities of the land and the surrounding land uses, and makes provision for future orderly growth. (1997)
  1. Encourage additional residential development in areas which are physically and environmentally suited for it. New housing should be adjacent to existing development and, where appropriate, public facilities and services can be conveniently and economically provided. (1997) 
  2. Encourage the development of compatible uses in existing neighborhoods to compliment the character of the neighborhoods rather than conflict with it. (1997) 
  3. Encourage the development of a variety of housing types that is affordable and meets the needs of all residents, including the elderly population. (1997) 
  4. Direct residential subdivision development to planned growth areas. 
  5. Encourage the use of creative development designs that preserve community character and natural resources. 
  6. Encourage the preservation, maintenance, and rehabilitation of historically significant homes.