Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay by credit card?  Yes!  We do offer the convenience of being able to pay via credit and debit cards online at and if you come directly into our office.  We still do accept cash, checks, money orders, and cashiers checks.  You can also pay by credit/debit card or ACH at

If I cannot make it to the Village Hall by the close of business, how can I make a payment?  You can send your payment by mail or we do have a drop box located by the front door of the Village Hall that is checked every morning Monday – Friday.  If you want to pay by credit or debit card, please visit or

What should I do if I cannot make my full utility payment?  We are willing to work with you and set up a Deferred Payment Agreement that is reasonable and requires your signature.  The Agreement can be found under Forms & Permits.

What are the procedures to rent the park facilities?  Please call in advance so we may check our park schedule.  If there is availability for your time request, we require a rental fee which needs to be paid to the Village Office prior to the date of rental.

How do I obtain an alcohol permit for the park rental?  You will need to fill out a Park Permit, sign and date it, pay the permit fee and upon approval by our Chief of Police it will be issued.  The Permit can be found under Forms & Permits.

My water bill seems higher than usual, Why?  We first ask that you check to see if you have any leaks, as LEAKS ARE COSTLY!!  Some tips for finding leaks are as follows:

  • Remove the toilet tank cover, add enough food coloring to the tank to give a strong color to the tank water.  Let it stand or sit overnight.  If toilet bowl has turned the color of the food coloring, you have a toilet leak.
  • Watch for meter movement.  To test the entire building or house, find the water meter and place a toothpick over the meter pointer; don’t use any water for 15 minutes, after that time, if the pointer has moved, there is a leak somewhere in the house.
  • Check to see how often your water softener is kicking in; sometimes storms can mess with the timer.
  • Keep an eye on outdoor faucets, it is easy to leave a hose running and not realize it.

What are the local companies for services such as cable, internet, etc?

Water/Sewer                               Telephone
Village of Albany                       TDS Telecom
206 N. Water Street                   827 16th Ave.
Albany, WI 53502                       Monroe, WI 53566
ph: 608-862-3240                        ph: 608-328-5252

Electricity                                     Natural Gas
Alliant Energy                             WE Energies
P.O. Box 77002                             P.O. Box 70474
Madison, WI 53707-1002           Milwaukee, WI 53270-0474
ph: 1-800-862-6222                      ph: 800-242-9137
ph: 608-888-483-7638 (sales)

LiteWire Internet Service
555 E. Main Street
Evansville, WI 53536
ph: 888-825-2005

Sonic Spectrum
416 N. Center Street
Durand, IL 61024
ph: 815-904-8700

TDS Internet Service
P.O. Box 5158
Madison, WI 53705-0158
ph: 608-800-358-3648

Smoke-Free Law Information:

Wisconsin is smoke-free as of July 5, 2010.

ALL workplaces including bars and restaurants need to go smoke-free at this time.  Enforce this law as follows:

1.  Remove all ashtrays and post clear signs;
2.  Ask any smoking patrons to stop smoking or to step outside;
3.  Refuse service to anyone who continues to smoke;
4.  Call the police if the patron continues to smoke.

“Persons in charge” or business owners can be fined $100/day for violating this law.  Individuals can be fined $100-$250/violation.

All enclosed workplaces must be smoke-free.  All smoking must occur outside of the workplace at a reasonable distance from the smoke-free venue.