The Village Hall is open to the public; however, it is on a limited basis and ask that there only be one person in the lobby at a time.

We strongly encourage you to make payments via the following options:

Option 1:  Drop off in our secure drop-box, located in the Village Hall parking lot near our front entrance.  We will mail a receipt upon request.

Option 2:  Mail your payment to the Village Hall – 206 North Water Street, Albany WI 53502.  We will mail a receipt upon request.

**NEW**Option 3: By ACH free through doxo using your bank account. Please have your account number and amount due handy. To pay through doxo, click here.

Option 4:  By Credit/Debit Card –; on the right hand side under Make a Payment enter the following code that matches the type of payment you are trying to complete:  7752 (Water/Sewer) ~ 7753 (Fines/Forfeitures) ~ 7754 (Misc) ~ 7751 (Taxes).  This payment method will include a 3% ($3 minimum) administrative fee of the amount paid and a receipt will be generated for you at the time of payment.  Or follow the direct links below for allpaid credit card payments:

Sewer & Water Bills, Pay Location Code #7752

Fines & Forfeitures, Pay Location Code #7753

Misc. Village Payments, Pay Location Code #7754

Property Taxes, Pay Location Code #7751

For payments by phone, cardholders can call 1-888-604-7888

**NEW** Option 5: Pay online very quickly and in a minute through HeyGov by clicking this link:

You can also download the HeyGov app and pay through there by finding the Village of Albany.